Houston Accountant Company is a professional company that offers small business accounting services to companies across various industries. We specialize in the delivery of basic accounting and tax services for small businesses. Our services include small business bookkeeping, small business accounting, as well as tax planning and preparation. We serve the accounting needs of new businesses and help them get the right footing with their financial documentations. As your small business accountant, we provide all forms of accounting services including forensic accounting, payroll preparation, and handling various financial records and reports. We can also act as your CFO to help organize all the financial needs of your small business.

Houston Accountant Company can handle taxes for your small business. Our services range from developing effective tax plans and strategies to preparing your taxes in compliance with local and federal. Our team is made up of certified bookkeepers, professional tax preparers, and certified public accountant with years of professional experience between them. As a company, we use the latest accounting software and tools to ensure that your accounting needs are handled efficiently and accurately. Our accounting teams are ethical and dedicated to helping you grow your small business. Our goal on every job is to be true accounting partners to your business, beyond the paperwork, we will also help you make important decisions about your business based on the financial situation of your company.


Our core services include:



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